First Year Students of Hillel (FYSH) is a student planned and run program that is specifically designed to create community for freshman or transfer student.
FYSH welcomes any newly engaged students who are looking to make a connection in their Jewish community on and off campus.

The FYSH Coordinator is a student who organizes activities with low barriers to access. The FYSH Coordinator is immediately supervised by the student Intern as part of the Intern’s engagement duties. When we say this is a student initiative, we mean it.

FYSH holds a minimum of 6 events a year, usually in
September, October, and November
February, March, and April.

From BBQ’s to Hikes, to pumpkin patches, cooking classes, craft classes, and movie nights, FYSH is a great way to connect.

For information on our current cohort please contact the current FYSH Coordinator at and fill out
this form.

F.Y.S.H. Join a Cohort, Join a Family.

Jews In Greek Life (JIGL)

JIGL is a program designed to help students involved with Jewish, General Social, Cultural, or Professional fraternal organizations to connect as Jews with their community, but also to help explain to the organizations why a member might not be available to participate in a BBQ on Yom Kippur, or why some might need to attend services with family during family weekend rather than going to play lazer tag. This Cohort is designed to be as extensive or casual a network as the students want or need.

Empowering Northern Nevada's Jewish College Students