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Dear Friends,
In the wake of COVID-19, and with all institutions of higher education in Nevada online, Hillel programs are going to be run almost exclusively online.
We know this time is exceedingly difficult, and we strive to be there for you. But we also know that staying home can save lives.
So please, download zoom and log on for our programs.
We will be running Shabbat boxes, Passover boxes, and mailing our materials for projects as they come up.
When this whole pandemic is over, we will joyfully come together again. But until then, please connect online.

-Atty, The Director

Hillel of Northern Nevada’s mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.  Hillel ‘s student leaders, professional staff, and lay leaders are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment for students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially. 

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Hillel is Jewish Student Life on Campus, and while we work primarily in the Reno area, all college students will be served.

Club Fair at UNR,
Fall 2019

Club Fair 2018

Our students direct their own experiences at our Hillel.
They have unique and distinct talents in self defined religious vision, prayer, and learning opportunities for all, and in directing the means to engage in acts of kindness that reflect Jewish values of
Tzedakah, Gimelut Chessedim, Mishpachah, and Tikkun Olam
-See Bottom of page for the formal middot value statements-

Hillel hosts a monthly Friday Night Erev Shabbat event
(& a mini Kabbalat with RSVPs),
a student led Kiddush, a full Shabbat meal,
and friendships that have lasting impacts.

1st Friday Shabbat – Hillel Shabbat
2nd Saturday Shabbat – Havdalah online
3rd Shabbat –  Local Temple  or Shabbat Boxes
4th Shabbat – Shabbat Boxes During Covid-19 RSVP Required
(During Covid19 we are offering 2 monthly Shabbat Boxes and online Kiddush on the first Friday.)

Once a month Hillel runs a Shabbat box program.

(During Covid 2x a month)

Students RSVP for a set number of guests and enjoy the Mitzvah of hosting a Shabbat (on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month during Covid19.)
Students provide the venue, guests and side dishes for a Shabbat meal they host; Hillel provides the main course, a single side, dessert, and required Judaica. 
Sample Menu:
(Pasta Main (D) / Chicken main (M);
Roast Veggies (P); 
Babka (D) / Mellon dessert (P))

(The Shabbat experience is offset with off campus cooking classes -Kosher cooking project- to ensure that everyone knows the classics, and basic kitchen safety. Offered the 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of the month.)

Holidays are paramount at our “Small but Might Hillel.”  Our four favorite are always Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, and Pesach.  But we still enjoy our Rosh Hashanah Shofar heroes, our Tu B’Shvat Seder, and our Lag B’ Omer bonfire where we welcome students, alumni and the community to enjoy the holiday fun!!

The 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month Hillel provides a community building event called “Bagels @ the Joe”.

(During Covid RSVP your bagel order for pick up and feel free to social distance on the lawn with friends. If you don’t RSVP you may choose from “surprise bags” on site and join your friends on the lawn. Alternatively we are running zoom socials called “Everything BUT the Bagel”. Log in and schmooze over technology.)

A bagel brunch served in the student union (In “The Center”-3rd floor JCSU) provides students the opportunity to engage socially with friends they might not normally see during their busy academic schedules. It also allows the students to hear about the events in the local and larger Jewish community.   This student-directed event engages Hillel participants in a way that no other program does. Being hosted in a space for Student diversity also allows the general student population to learn about Judaism and their Jewish peers.

The seeds of deep and lasting friendships are often planted with a slice of lemon cake, a bagel, or a cup of coffee.
Weeks of Welcome (the first 2 weeks of fall semester) 
(During Covid these will be online and social distance out door events) are almost holidays for the Jewish Wolfpack at UNR. From Dorm Storm, The welcome BBQ (Glatt), to club fair and rush season, the activities let new students jump right in with as much or as little as they need to help establish themselves in their new lives, with Hillel and the entire Jewish Student Union as their home away from home.

To learn about our upcoming programs, please visit our calendar, our announcements, or follow us on facebook.

Pickling class January 2020

ABOUT OUR VALUES: As a values driven organization, we have thought about the value statements we make with our positions, our statements, and our programming. We focus on the following 7 middot for the 7 days of the week.

Kavod  כבוד:
Respect  (For others, self, & the world)

Btzelem Elohim בצלם אלוהים :
All are made in the image of the Divine One
(All made in the image of  “G-D” none are superior to another and all are of immeasurable value.)

Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh כל ישראל ערבים זה בזה:
Communal Responsibility
(Each must take action to create a whole in which we are all welcomed, valued, at peace and in which we can all take pride. If our fellow person is not okay, it is our responsibility to try and help when and where we can.)

Sh’mirat Halashon  שמירת הלשון :
Guarding Ones Use of Language
(Our words can heal another person or damage them irreparably. It is our responsibility to ensure that we only use language that builds our community and is worthy of the amazing individuals we can all be. Is your statement true AND necessary? Does it express something that is helpful AND is it said in a way that is as kind as possible? If the answer to any of these is no, don’t say it at Hillel. We are building a community based on familial ties and love. Lashon Ha’Rah (evil tongue/gossip/unnecessarily harsh speech) is not welcome. But kind and constructive criticism is.)

Tzedek  צדק:
Tzedek means Justice while Tzedaka the act of Tzedek is often mistranslated as Charity.
(We strive to teach our students to be just to all  and to engage in giving of funds, time, and effort in ways that support justice and limit oppression. As a result Hillel actively seeks philanthropies we can support or needs that we can meet. Be it making PB&J’s for the unsheltered population, cleaning up the Virginia City Historic Hebrew Cemetery during the summer, volunteering with the collaborative efforts of the local synagogues, or utilizing the volunteer programs provided by UNR, TMCC, or SNU. All Hillel students are asked to donate 18 hours a semester (a Chai of service) to the causes closest to their hearts.)

Al Tifrosh Min Hatsibur  אל תפרוש מן הציבור :
Solidarity  -Pirke Avot 2:5
At Hillel we want to create a community that feels like family to everyone who sits down.
(Your Jewish affiliation, movement, practices, color, language, orientation, gender, identity, neurology, size, shape, height, body modifications, style of dress or any other components of you and your inter-sectional identity are fully welcome. You and your whole self is welcomed and wanted. Do NOT check any piece of yourself at the door. We want to know the authentic you.  And when someone walks in the room, we expect our students to embrace them and their full selves creating alliances, friendships and lasting familial ties.)

Shalom שָׁלוֹם :
Peace (Hello/Goodbye)
We ask that everyone comes in peace, participates in peace, and leaves in peace. There can be nothing but peace and “Good Vibes” between us at Hillel. We are happy to engage and help people work on finding their own peace, but intention is important. If someone comes with the intention of causing strife, they are not going to get all they could out of their Hillel experience or out of life.  

Jewish Brotherhood

You may notice that there is no address for a Hillel House, that is because we don’t have one, yet. The Jewish community of Northern Nevada is small and has limited funds to devote to Hillel.

That is why YOUR participation is so important!  Donate here!
As a standalone 501 c 3 organization we happily accept donations from parents, communities of origin, and pretty much anyone who would like to help us achieve our mission. 

Sponsor a Shabbat meal with a donation of $500. It will make a huge difference to our small and mighty Hillel. You can make a donation and cover the meals of anywhere from 40 to 70 students.

A donation of $120 can cover a FYSH event! The opportunity to make a difference for us is as simple as taking the time to write a check, click a button, or make a call. Click Here to Sponsor a Program

With 150 or more students in Northern Nevada, you have the ability to actually see a real and lasting impact, while teaching students about the responsibility of the Jewish community, which they are soon to be fully engaged in.


We are working towards audacious inclusion,  genuine interest,
holistic appreciation, and  joyfully engagement.

Part of Hillel’s underlying mission is to strengthen the Jewish identity of students who are about to assume their leadership roles in the world;

To build community and in turn family;

To combat not only antisemitism, but all forms of bigotry and bias;

To provide college students with the tools to affect the positive change in the world that they wish to see from a distinctly Jewish perspective.

If you share these values, this is the organization that you should be financially generous with, and invest in. Investing in students is a smart choice.

Mailing Address:
Hillel of Northern Nevada,
1674 N. Virginia St. # 8447
Reno, Nv. 89507

Director Atty Garfinkel:
Phone: (775) 686-8944

Donations can be made directly to JewishNevada.org with Hillel of Northern Nevada in the notation.

Empowering Northern Nevada's Jewish College Students