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“In a place where there are no humans, strive to be human.”
Rabbi Hillel the Elder, Perkei Avot 2:5

Thank you for believing in Hillel of Northern Nevada and playing an important role in bringing our mission to life.
Our alumni are doing amazing work to make the world a better place.
Are you interested in sponsoring a specific program? Thank you for contributing, you’re helping ensure a bright future for talented students. We accept all donations with our deepest gratitude.

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Our current projects and funding opportunities:
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*Housing Fund *Jewish Life Grant Fund

Please mail checks to:
Hillel of Northern Nevada
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Parents and home temples are strongly encouraged to donate
$500-1,000 to help offset the programming and meals provided to their students. Hillel programming is offered free of charge, your generosity enables us to serve.

We frequently hold fundraisers, from tie-dye events and pizza parties, to concerts and soon more events will be ready for you to enjoy!

Shabbat box night with friends
You never know what a student will do after graduation, but your support ensures a Jewish connection with service and engagement.
Jessie is a Community Resources Officer
Hayden is a Police Officer
Not all families share direct blood, but your Hillel family shares your heart. Please ensure future generations of students can have a meaningful experience too.

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