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Join Hillel for Bagels at the Joe, Erev Shabbat dinner, a Havdalah with friends, Holiday celebrations and so much more!


Enjoy a concert by a Jewish musician. ( Itamar Zorman 2019 concert)

Learn how to make pickles with friends

Attend Professional Conferences.
Graduate in the Middle Eastern Origins ceremony.


Go to a Ball game with friends
Or just have fun playing with your food, and your college family at Hillel

Find ways to learn about yourself, your world, and your Jewish identity, with YOUR Own SELF-Directed Hillel Experience. 
See you at Hillel.

Krav Maga Collaboration

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“A name made great is a name destroyed.
He who does not increase his knowledge decreases it.”

Rabbi Hillel the Elder / Hillel HaGadol (Perkei Avot 1:13)

Empowering Northern Nevada's Jewish College Students