Hillel Student Board, & Leadership

UNR Hillel Student Board of 2019/20

President:  Noah Levrant

Vice President:  Nick Hummel

Treasurer:  Russell Sorom

Secretary:  Eve Litman

Campus and Community Outreach:
Edina Goore  &  Eli Spivak

Greek Liaison: Marisa Swanson

Faculty Advisors:

Prof. Aaron Hill (UNR) AND

Prof Sarah Friedman (UNR)

Hillel Director & Community Advisor Atty Garfinkel-Berry

SAEPi is the Jewish Sorority at UNR.

AEPi is the Jewish Fraternity (Currently outside the UNR Affiliation agreement).

AEPi and Sigma AEPi share a strong interconnected relationship with Hillel.

The AEPi President is: Kyle Hoffman

The Sigma President is: Sarah Sadoski

The community members who support Hillel act as the fiscal trustees and form a Community Board of Directors.

2019/20 Board of Directors:

President: John Louie (UNR Faculty)

Vice President: Elliot Malin (Politics)

Secretary: Taryn Bearden (TMCC Faculty)

Treasurer: Ignacio Montoya (UNR Faculty)

Faculty Advisor: Aaron Hill (UNR Faculty)

Immediate Past President: Sharon Chabrow (Medicine)

Member: Mark Frank (Past VP, Retired)

Member: Sue Liebman (UNR Faculty)

Member: Catherine Farahi (Local Business Owner)

Member: Leslie Goldberg (UNR Med. Faculty)

Member: Ina Katzman (Retired)

Member: Lynn Pierce (Law)

Member: Matt Levin (Jewish Professional)

Student Member: Noah Levrant (Bio at bottom)

2018/19 Executive Board:

Sharon Silverman Chabrow: President

Mark Frank: Vice President

Shari Weinberger-Glik: Secretary

Marilyn Roberts: Treasurer

John Louie: Faculty Advisor

Sue Liebman: Immediate Past President

2018/19 Student President: Domenic Ginannini (Pre-Med)

The Director of Hillel is Atty Garfinkel

The Student Intern is Hannah Alterwitz

Also on Campus at UNR:

*Emmerson Fellow (Stand With Us)

Nick Hummel

Organizations we are working on bringing to Northern Nevada:







Student President’s Bio:

Hello, I am Noah Levrant.

I am studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in resource management.

I am an active member of both the marching band and the pep band here at UNR as well as being an involved brother in Alpha Epsilon Pi.

My favorite part of Jewish life is fellow Jews.  I have never met a community of people who are as compassionate, caring, and loving as the Jewish people, something that I am determined to help the rest of the world see. Ever since I was young, Tu B’Shvat has been my favorite Jewish Holiday and that love has only grown since starting my studies in the environment.

In life, I’m most excited to see the kind of impact I can make on the world around me, I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud that I left the world a better place than I found it.

After I finish with college, I’d like to pursue a career with the Forest Service in the Rocky Mountains where I would like to help manage the nation’s natural resources so that generations to come may benefit from the beauty of our natural world.