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UNR Hillel Student Board of 2020/21

Hillel Student President – E-Board:
Ariella Scharrer – Sophmore, Nv


Vice President – E-Board: 
Elijah Ott – Junior, Ca.


Treasurer – E-Board:
Molly Appleby -Senior, Ca.


Secretary – E-Board: 
Matt Lacoff -Credit Junior, Nv.


General Board Positions, Chairs and Coordinators:

Shabbat Committee Chair – General Board:
Edina Goore – Junior, Ca.


Campus and Community Outreach Chair – General Board:
Accepting Applications

Jewish Greek Liaison & Chair (JIGL)
Accepting Applications


FYSH Coordinator:
Emily Bobrowsky -Junior, Ca.


Keshet Coordinator: 
Matt Lacoff
(Also Secretary)



Matt (Sect), Nick (Past Prez), Marisa (Past VP),  and Ariella (Current Prez) 
at shul for the Freshman Oneg.


Faculty Advisors:

Prof. Aaron Hill (UNR)
Prof. John Louie (UNR)

Hillel Director & Community Advisor Atty Garfinkel-Berry

SAEPi is the Jewish Sorority at UNR.

AEPi is the Jewish Fraternity (Currently outside the UNR Affiliation agreement).

AEPi and Sigma AEPi share a strong interconnected relationship with Hillel.

The AEPi President is: Matt Sweeney

The Sigma President is: Edina Goore

The community members who support Hillel act as the fiscal trustees and form a Community Board of Directors.

2020/21 Board of Directors:

President: John Louie (UNR Faculty)

Vice President: Elliot Malin (Alumni-Politics)

Secretary: Matt Levin (Alumni)

Treasurer: Hannah Alterwitz (Alumni)

Immediate Past President: Sharon Chabrow (Medicine)

Member: Mark Frank (Past VP)

Member: Sue Liebman (UNR Faculty)

Member: Catherine Farahi (Local Business Owner)

Member: Ina Katzman (Retired)

Member: Lynn Pierce (Law)

Student Member: Student President (Ariella)

The Director of Hillel is Atty Garfinkel

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Also on Campus at UNR: 
Olami (LVJE)

Organizations we are working on bringing to Northern Nevada:





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