Hillel Student Board, & Leadership

UNR Hillel Student Board of 2018/19

Dominic Giannini

Vice President:
Amanda Paris

Bailey Fulton

Claire Jacobs

Campus Community Outreach:
Kyle Hoffman

*Greek Liaison*
Ex-Officio nonvoting member: Open

The Greek Liaison represents AEPi and SAEPi to Hillel, and Hillel to the Jewish Greek organizations. With a primary focus on scheduling and common goals.

*Inclusion Advocate*
Jacqueline Ghorbani

The Advocate is an Ex-Officio non voting member. If a student feels there are barriers to inclusion or participation, the advocate can be a confidential contact in addressing any issues an individual may have. The advocate shares the issues with the student or Community Board, allowing the impacted student complete anonymity.

Faculty Advisor:
John N. Louie (UNR -Geology)

Director/Community Advisor:
Atty Garfinkel-Berry

AEPi is the Jewish Fraternity on Campus. AEPi and Sigma AEPi share a strong interconnected relationship with Hillel.

The AEPi President is: Hayden Goldstein
The Sigma President is: Katie Mc Lean

The community members who support Hillel act as the fiscal trustees and form a Community Board of Directors.

Executive Committee of the Community Board of Directors:

Sharon Silverman Chabrow: President
Mark Frank: Vice President
Shari Weinberger-Glik: Secretary
Marilyn Roberts: Treasurer

Sue Liebman: Immediate Past President

The Director of Hillel is Atty Garfinkel, MBA.