Hillel Student Groups and Activities

While the Jewish Fraternity (AEPi), and Sorority (Sigma AEPi) are a critical part of Hillel of Northern Nevada, there are other student groups both established and new.

AEPi is Nevada’s only Jewish fraternity at the University of Nevada. If you are interested in more information about AEPi, please visit the link above. AEPi Upsilon Nu 760 Nevada Street Reno, NV 89436

SAEPi is the premiere Jewish sorority at the University of Nevada. With semesterly recruitment, this organization is expanding and growing rapidly. For more information please visit the link above.

Hillel Ba’Houtz:
Ba’Houtz means “outside” in Hebrew and that is exactly where this student group likes to be. Students establish meaningful relationships with each other as both individuals and as a community through the Hillel hikes, camping trips and other outdoor activities. The events build enduring relationships, promote the enjoyment of nature, and some of our amazing natural features and views. No one gets left behind and everyone is welcome!

Challah for Hunger:
This monthly student participation challah bake precedes a Friday Hillel Shabbat meal. Challah loaves will be available for sale by pre-order. All funds raised will be donated to Mazon, the Jewish answer to hunger and food insecurity, and to the local food bank.

Kosher Pantry:
This group will collect donations and kosher food for the purpose of redistribution to those dealing with food insecurity and seeking kosher items. This is a student led and directed group in which the students set goals each semester.

Film Lovers:
This group of Hillel Theatrical buffs is run much like a book club, with screenings of selected films-complete with popcorn and soda.

J-Biz is a group of students with an interest in business that has a deeper meaning than just thinking up ways to make money. J-Biz will help our future and current entrepreneurs contemplate the long term impact of their business ideas, be they sound or not. By applying Jewish ethics with tomorrows business leaders, we hope to help create a better world using the triple bottom line methodology.

First Year Student of Hillel is a group for Freshmen and Transfer students. FYSH plans one or more social event per month and invites members of the Hillel and campus community to meet and network with FYSH students.

Study Buddy:
This Hillel program is less a student group than it is an old fashioned buddy system. Students are paired up based on academics and they help each other stay on their academic plans. The monthly Study Buddy meet-ups at “The Joe” are designed to allow undergrads to study in a common space and benefit from the hive mind. Study Buddy meet up days are most frequent around mid-terms and finals.

Book Review:
This book club studies the great thinkers of both Judaism and of our philosophical system. The works of Maimonides are paired with the works of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. etc.
While there are only 2 books discussed each semester, it is Hillel’s hope that the Jewish and academic communities will begin to engage in conversations with students who are asking important questions about what is right, and why we should do those things.