Leadership Resources

It has been said that a leader doesn’t lead; they inspire, they serve and they follow through. At Hillel of Northern Nevada we share that view.

As our students serve their Jewish and greater communities, we hope to teach them a few leadership practices. To help them learn to network, encourage them through their personal process, and identify the skills that will serve them in their long term careers; as well as their future service to the greater Jewish community.

At Hillel we help students learn to clarify their values and set an example to others through their personal practices of Jewish ethics (middot) and core values. We ask them to envision a future where they make a difference, and contemplate the alternatives. We then teach students how to engage others in the necessary work, and cultivate other future leaders who will help create the shared vision.

We look for ways to help the students challenge the status quo in areas where they see injustices or harmful practices. We encourage calculated risk taking, collaboration, and comradery.

We emphasize the ethical practices of Ahavat Yisrael, Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah, G’milut Chessedim, and Or Le’Olam.

We help students identify organizations they would like to work for and collate that with their natural and learned skills.

We help students develop skills and experiences that are as relevant in a Fortune 500 as they are in a Jewish Federation.

As our student accept internships in the community at large, and in the Jewish community we celebrate their victories with them and recognize the value that Hillel provides to the students, and that they provide to the world.

We believe in the value, power, and significance of the organizations that make up the bulk of the services to the Jewish community.
We encourage and will endeavor to facilitate internships and student employment within the Jewish community and the community at large, for all of our students.

Reno’s Jewish Community:




Temple Sinai,

Beth Or,


Aleph Academy,

Nevada’s Jewish Federation, www.jewishnevada.org

Nevada Jewish Experience,


Some of the National Jewish Community:


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Refugee/Immigrant aid

Food Security, Food services and Policy

Jewish Community Centers, JCC

Jewish Federations of North America, JFNA

Hillel International (Of the Schusterman Institute)

American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, A lobby group in Washington, DC.

Empowering Northern Nevada's Jewish College Students